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Dumb Guys are Buying Your Stuff

If you are selling a product or service, who is your target market? Men? Women? Chances are, if you've been believing the statistics from the last thirty years that women are the ones spending the money in their households - think again.

A new movement of men who are refusing to get married and have children due to systematic flaws are called MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Just ask one of them, and they'll tell you that not only are they against marriage, but they will crusade against the traditional expectations of dating.

But this isn't a MGTOW article. You can certainly read more about them on their website, and any search engine will provide you with other areas of the web to find links and news.

This new wave of single men are not budging when it comes to their hard-earned dollar, and make it very clear that "going their own way" means they live by their rules, jealously guarding their finances. So how would you like to advertise to these men? Almost all advertisements on television that portray couples will hand the brains and sensibility to the women, while the men remain idiots.

Whether or not advertisers care to admit it, this practice has become off-putting to the men. Forbes has published that "for the first time, men are outspending women by 13%". This means that "dumb guys" are buying your stuff. How much do you care about this quotient of your clients when it comes to choosing advertisers to represent your product?

Consider this when men see your ads. What are you telling them? "You're an idiot. Will you do business with me?" While women may have cheekily enjoyed a few decades of proverbial butt-kissing, it's time to stop. Poking fun at one gender takes away from showcasing your product and your message. One is hurting your business, and one will help you. While men go their own way, which way do you want to go with your message?

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