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Are you a merchant that shelves BC literary material and would like to include Marlana Williams' novels? Do you require a writer for copy, report-writing, articles, or essays? Complete the online form below to inquire about my writing.

For voice work, let me know how I can help with your audio/visual projects including radio, TV, video, audiobooks, telephone services, and more! I work in English and am capable of delivering most products in Ukrainian, German, and French (with an English accent).


0-2 Finished Minutes / 300 words or less $50-$100

2-5 Finished Minutes / 300-750 words $100-$250

5-15 Finished Minutes / 750-2000 words $250-$500

15-30 Finished Minutes / 2000-4000 words $500-$750

30-45 Finished Minutes / 4000-6000 words $750-$1000

45+ Finished Minutes / 6K+ words Custom Quote

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