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What About Me?

I suppose this is where I list off my achievements, and describe my education and work experience. If I do that, it will look like everyone else’s About page. Believe me, I wanted to. But I just kept deleting and rewriting everything I had to say.


My education and work don’t define me. It’s a part of who I am, just as my upbringing, my lessons in life, my marriage, and my experiences have been a factor of who I have become – just as more components will be eventually be added to shape my future-self.


First and foremost, I’m a dreamer. It’s my creative mind that allows me to express myself in words. I never know if my words will become a book, an article, a song, a script, or something private. My words have had enough power to not just make me feel something – but others who read them. My words come from my experiences in life, but also from imagined thoughts that have never been more than that.


The question is, will you be able to tell what is real, and what is fiction?

Here’s what I can tell you about me that is real (in no particular order):

Microphone 1.jpg

BCIT Award-Winning Graduate • Published Author • Proud Canadian • Professional Voice Artist • Daughter of a Policeman •

Ukulele Player • Ukrainian Ancestry • World Traveler • Multilingual • Vocalist • Cajón Player • Dog Owner • Book Junkie •

Kitchen Troublemaker • Aromatherapist • A Woman In Love

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